Geronimo Starship were probably the ONLY radio station on the planet to be playing tracks from BRYTER LAYTER by NICK DRAKE... in 1971!        and where else might you hear radio plays for the seminal electronica of WHITE NOISE?







Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Purple Gang, Siren, Young Tradition, Davey Graham, Shirley & Dolly Collins, Rolling Stones, Animals, Fugs, Kevin Ayres, White Noise, Nick Drake...








Geronimo Starship - for Pacifica, US West Coast radio, 1971

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'The Sun Machine is coming down, and we're gonna have a party'

Welcome to Geronimo Starship
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In 1970 Radio Geronimo broadcast to Europe via the 400Kw transmitters of Radio Monte Carlo. Why? Because there was no other way to legally transmit to discerning music enthusiasts in the UK and beyond. At night the signal from the South of France bounced back from the ionosphere and although sometimes the received signal was swirling and fading it was the ONLY way to hear adventurous music. In 2011, with satellite and the internet, that may seem difficult to believe. But the poverty and paucity of decent music on the radio was a great incentive to struggle to hear our broadcasts. We gained a contract with Pan American Airways to provide their inflight entertainment and rebranded as 'Geronimo Starship'.

Geronimo Starship recorded most of the Glastonbury Fayre of 1971. This included the legendary performance by David Bowie. This was before Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. A triple album containing some Glastonbury performances was released by Revelation in 1972. This website celebrates Glastonbury 1971 and will include setlists, white labels, promo booklets and more...

Set list compiled from the surviving and uncirculated tapes:
David Bowie at Glastonbury, dawn 23 June 1971 recorded in stereo. John & Frank of Geronimo Starship, as mentioned in the Glastonbury Fayre booklet, already had authorised recording equipment set up under the stage.
First song/songs unknown David finally appeared on stage at dawn. John races down the hill to operate the recording equipment. One, maybe two songs (or perhaps none) were missed... titles unknown.
The Supermen First few bars missing
Quicksand announcement recorded for Quicksand but sadly not on tape
Changes solo organ accompaniment. At the end David cannot believe 'how cold I am... plonking away at everything in sight whether it be white or black''.
I'd like a big girl with a couple of melons The original lyrics to a song which eventually morphed into 'Pretty Things'. Unintentional (and unwanted, but treated with great respect) accompaniment from a spaced out Scandinavian lady.
Oh! You Pretty Things at this time the 'big hit' song had only been recorded by Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits)
Kooks First bars only then tape reel ends... We do however hear a lengthy intro referring to the recent baby...
It's Gonna Rain Again New tape reel, first few bars may be missing. Possibly the only known recording of this song?
Memory Of A Free Festival 'I just want to say that you've given me more pleasure than I've had in a good few months of working, and I don't do gigs any more because I got so pissed off with working and dying a death every time I worked and it's really nice to have somebody appreciate me for a change'
Amsterdam .'..for my own liking, one of the best social observers of his climate and the particular area that he lived in and he was doing stuff like this 15, 20 years ago, and it still stands up now, and this is one of those songs... and it was called The Port Of Amsterdam'
Song For Bob Dylan 'this is where I pile audacity upon audacity' and 'you're really making me drag through all me things that have been stored in cupboards for months and yonks, all me skeletons'
Bombers 'OK Bombers then'...
mid song, a short fault in the recording - somebody accidentally leans against a moving tape spool/reel?
'Thank you very much and goodbye'.
Andy Dunkley (compere) then appears and mistakenly refers to David's latest album as The Man Who Ruled The World. The audience correct him.

More setlists compiled from the tapes to follow, from Traffic, Melanie, Fairport Convention etc.

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